Being able to understand commands in English, they do not have certain requirements, as long as the student is able to understand and communicate with local people it’s fine


– Clean!
– Feed cats, dogs, and small animals
– Provide animal behavior enrichment
– Dishes
– Laundry
– Educate and interact with visitors
– Help with adoptions
– Enrich the lives of the animals


all of shifts are 2 hours per week. This would be the minimum hours to volunteer but they can volunteer as many hours as they want. There is a section in application form that asks your available hours and times




Application form (needs to be submitted online)

from the website
“Due to the size of the adoption center, we cannot accommodate all applicants. We currently accept 25-50 new volunteers per month and receive over 300 applications a month. Positions for volunteers are filled based on our current scheduling needs and positions available at the adoption center”

a lady at the center said there is a good chance of not getting the shift the volunteer wants. She said volunteers can file another application if they don’t hear back from the center within a few weeks.

HOWEVER, there is a section in the website that says “if you are looking for a volunteer opportunity for a student or client, email here” so I think we can definitely email them once we figure out what kind of position/shift she wants. I will shoot an email to the center if they can guarantee to take her or not.